Business Checks Offer Legal Protection for Your Small Business

customized business checks for your small businessOne of the biggest advantages of setting up an LLC or a corporation that has a separate business account from your personal account is the legal liability protection you are afforded. If a situation arose in which your company was being sued by another person or business, you cannot be sued as an individual because the courts consider your business a separate entity from you personally. If you do not have a separate account for your business, and you combine both your personal and company expenses, you will have a hard time protecting your money in a situation like this. Using business checks is a great way to protect your money and the future of your company.

It is bad enough going through the process of having your business sued, and the last thing you want to worry about is your personal savings taking a hit as well. You want to be assured that your personal finances are protected when the future of your company’s money is up in the air. It is necessary to make a clear and distinct separation between your personal and business life, and you can easily do that by opening a business account and using checks for business. When you write out business checks, you are not only protecting yourself legally, but you are making yourself look much more professional while also making your bookkeeping easier.

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Current Trends in Strategic Planning

It is important for a control system to be linked to an organizations strategy.

What I aim to achieve in this article is to demonstrate why I feel it is important for a control system to be linked to an organizations overall strategy. In doing so, I will analyze the question and seek to challenge, and justify my views on the subject. I will attempt to draw from my own experiences and examples as supporting evidence.

The question presupposes that an organization should have an overall strategy in the first place. The role of a strategy in simple terms is a broad statement about the organizations goals, and direction. This function provides the what? The purpose of strategy planning describes the how? This is a plan of action and activities for attainment of those organizational goals. Dell computers for example wanted to do something different to its competitors. Their strategy was to sell directly to the end user, circumventing the middlemen.

In a dynamic environment strategy must be adaptive and appropriate to the organizations needs. To remain competitive, companies develop strategies that “focus on core competencies” develop synergy and create value for customers.

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Why You Should Invest in Hospitality Management Training

Leisure is big business, but also hard work. The lure of potential profits sits alongside the risk of potential failure. Whether you are running a hotel, hostel, cruise line, restaurant or bar, there is a need to continually improve the general quality of your product to maintain the value of your brand in a fierce marketplace. Investing in a course, seminar or workshop to develop skills in front desk organization, sales and marketing, leadership, reservations, e-commerce or complaint handling is more and more becoming a vital necessity rather than a luxury option.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Many businesses start with clear objectives but struggle to capture the knowledge of the marketplace required to identify areas of strength. Others have maintained a solid routine and so lack fresh insight into identify growing weaknesses. Hospitality management training can urge employers and employees in the service industry to carefully examine their standards of service in light of the changing industry as a whole. Your business can learn whether it needs to improve its brand, work on its MICE events, incorporate better complaint handling or reservation processes, or adjust its leadership structure.

Retain Customers

In turn, this understanding of your strengths and weaknesses can address problems and enhance opportunities in your core business: the retention of customers. Hospitality management training often focuses on perfecting skills in answering phones, up-selling techniques, brand development, front desk organization, food and beverage capacity and reservation skills. These areas are integral to making sure your guests keep staying at your hotel, your cruise line patrons keep choosing your ships, or your restaurant patrons keep eating at your restaurant.

Grow your Brand

Once you have honed the retention and validation of your client base, effective hospitality management training can equip you to take that necessary next step of growing your brand. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant or events business, it is essential to develop skills in sales and marketing, e-commerce, hotel distribution, and effective branding, so that your product is made well known and consistently attracts new clients over and above the competition.

Be more efficient

Having a growing and solid client base assures a steady flow of revenue but then the next task is to manage your costs and expenditure in an efficient manner so profit is maximized. Many courses in hospitality management training can help you develop the financial skills and structures to cut excess expenditure and focus your spending on key areas. Since many hoteliers are not educated with expertise in finance, and since the fluctuating market and increasingly varied sources of investment create ever-changing variables, it is essential for you to keep updating your information in this area.

Rival the Competition

Client retention, customer growth, market exposure and increased efficiency all contribute to helping you gain advantage over your competition. Educating yourself is not only vital to this process, but many specialist workshops and seminars can also give you specific knowledge on how to rival your specific competition.